Fishing Pal is an app created to
link all the fisherman around the world

Giving the power to connect with other anglers either by location or by other Fishing Pal user.


One of the most enjoying part of fishing is showing to other people the biggest catch or a strange species caught. This app provides more than the opportunity to show the catch to other buddies who have the same passion. First every angler will have a unique profile, that will engage important information of location, experience (pro, amateur or recreational) and a virtual tackle box that will show the lures performance on different location.


Imagine if you will like to fish on a new location but you don’t have any idea of what lures are more efficient or what spots are the best to fish on that area. Fishing Pal gives the user the opportunity of search by location and find other users that usually fish in that region. This give a powerful tool to engage with other angler’s, chat with them or show their preferred lures. The user could ask for a friend request or just follow the other angler, growing its fishing network with people with the same passion and expertise level.

Following the Pros

Among winning tournaments all professional anglers like to have fans, this give them status among other competitors. Part of the strategy is to give the opportunity to both professional and fans to exchange valuable information. As a user you have the option of follow a pro angler, see his post, preferred lures (virtual tackle box), equipment (such as rods, apparel, boats), upcoming tournaments, sponsors and the locations that they usually fish.

Value of the App

The real value of the app is that your company will have a target market of people that usually use your products. As a company you will have access to all the user’s profiles information such as emails, contact phone and network of fisherman by region. So, you can track what people are using, what rate your product gets, how many people likes your product and also your competitors. As part of the app platform you can promote your company and provide the user a direct link to your products, in other words you will have a specific database of people that usually by this type of product.

Virtual Tackle Box

Show others your acquisitions and preferred lures…

Show your Lure

When the user acquires a new lure, they can upload or select It from a scroll down menu to its own Virtual Tackle Box. The lures are segregated by brand and a photo of the lure will appear in each user Tackle Box making them visible to other app users.

Find a lure

As the virtual tackle shows the brand, the user could easily find the name and the company that distribute the product. Also, when the user posts a catch it will show which lure was used, in combination with the location and type of specie. This is the best-selling point of your product.

Rate Your Lure

The user can rate each lure or product depending on performance so others anglers will be attracted to it. This is an important feature for your company giving you real-time information of what products users like the most.

Upload lures and products

Your company can upload the different products so the user can select your product from the scroll down menu. Once your product is in our database the user could scan the bar code and upload the information.


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